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About Carey: Artist Statement

I always look at my artwork as a calling rather than a career, something I feel compelled to do. The subjects I choose are a direct expression of my inner world, and my experiences in life and the people around me. My passion and interests with my art have always been people, portraiture and the human journey.

I am also interested in exploring spiritual growth. I draw from my own experiences but the questions explored are universal: What is the purpose of my life, what or who is God, what do I really believe, and what is the nature of my primary relationships? These fundamental issues are explored and the resolutions are expressed in the paintings, drawings and stories. My hope is that these images will engage others to explore some of these questions for themselves.

My interest in realism comes purely from a desire to move towards self-mastery. When I look at the work of the great masters I have an intense desire to be able to do what they could did. Following their example is simply a matter of being honest with myself. I just want to create the best work I possibly can.


Carey Alvez brings over 40 years of experience and extensive training as a fine artist, graphic designer, and photographer and multimedia developer. She has won international awards for her drawings and paintings from the Portrait Society of America, The Art Renewal Centre and published with the Strokes of Genius Book & Cover and The Artists Journey with F&W Media Fine Art publishers. She has also been the lead and conceptual artist for over one hundred in-house and online courses at the corporate, college and university level.

Carey began her formal art education at the age of 15 in the Fine Arts Program at the High School of Commerce in Ottawa. She then went on to a career as a graphic designer that has lasted over 30 years.

She has continued her studies, as an artist, at the York University Fine Arts Program, The Cleveland Institute of Art Program in Lacoste, France and the Multimedia and Photography programs at Humber College. She has recently graduated after 8 years of study in classical realism at the Academy of Realist Art in Toronto.


2016 - Carrier Gallery Juried Show,
Academy of Realist Art Juried Spring Show
2015 - Carrier Gallery Juried Show,
Academy of Realist Art Juried Spring Show,
Buckhorn Festival
2014 - Carrier Gallery Juried Show,
Academy of Realist Art Juried Spring Show,
Pencil Art Society Juried Show
2013 - Academy of Realist Art Annual Juried Show,
Galleria 814 Juried Show
2012 - VAM – Visual Arts Mississauga Annual Juried Show
2012 - Academy of Realist Art Annual Juried Show


2016 - Art Renewal Centre Finalist, Strokes of Genius Finalist
2015 - Art Renewal Centre Finalist
2014 - Art Renewal Centre Finalist, Artist Journey Publication Finalist,  PAS 3rd Place award
2013 – Art Renewal Centre Scholarship Award
2012 - Strokes of Genius book Cover Competition Winner
2012 - Portrait Society of America – Honorable Mention Portfolio Awards

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All paintings are Oil on Canvas.
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